Jesus… so much more than enough.

I celebrated Holy Communion with my church family this evening. I’m kneeling there at the end when I glance down the rail. Hands of my brothers and sisters open to receive what Jesus freely gave. Beautiful hands of all ages and in that moment I felt so blessed. I wish I would have had my phone to take a picture of those hands, each representing so much. A father kneeling with the fresh pain of losing His son…the couple whose business has burned and been rebuilt all in one year… the grandmother who is raising a little one and the mother who walks beside her daughter through divorce. These are the very hard things of life and no hands go untouched. Still faith in the one who takes away the sin of the world… mends broken hearts… gives power to the powerless… and strength to the weak brings us to our knees ready to receive what Only He can give.

My sweet friend sent me this video last year and so I’ll share it with you on the eve of Good Friday.

(E-mail subscribers click on the link to watch the video.)
May we always remember hands chained…beaten…nailed to a cross. He gave himself that day for Barabbas… for you… for me.

I told my preschoolers and kindergartners earlier this week, “This is the GREATEST, most awesome… the very best story in the whole wide world!” This is the greatest love story ever told, and it is so much more than enough.

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