Fleece Navidad…or something like that.

We giggled at the embroidery design of the Christmas sheep.

We have this quirky since of humor at times and the my friend loves sheep. So I couldn’t help myself when I scroll through and this image is there on my screen.

I sent it quick with a comment, “check out baby Jesus”. I showed my husband and the youngest son, they didn’t think it was quite as funny. If it were ducks I’m sure they would have laughed. I’m still giggling about the whole idea of sheep and dogs and a baby Jesus cat when she writes.
You know there just has to be something scrilegious about all this…

I respond…
Nah…Jesus would laugh at what people create. He’s very fond of us.

Please don’t get in a huff just yet. Hear me out before you decide. Because the next morning I’m still pondering this idea of blasphemy. Did my little joke offend God? Did I really mean what I said to my friend? Do I believe God is fond of her…of me?
I’ll never forget the first time I considered God might be fond of me. I was reading The Shack and as I came across these words something in me shifted.

I listen to everything – and not just to the music itself, but the hearts behind it…These kids aren’t saying anything I haven’t heard before; they’re just full of vinegar and fizz. Lots of anger and, I must say, with some good reason too. They’re just some of my kids, showin’ and spoutin’ off. I’m especially fond of those boys, you know…I’ll be keeping my eye on ’em.

It wasn’t like an earthquake shift rattling me from the inside out, it was more of a question. Could this be true? Is it possible God doesn’t just endure my humanness but is actually fond of me? Does He really see the reason behind my behavior, even my failure, and continue to keep His eye on me?

Advent is a clear picture of the love God has for His children. This is not a love that just tolerates me until I reach some perfect version of myself in the distant future. It’s not a love based on performance. It’s the love a father has for His child. 
So if you haven’t heard the good news this season. Let me be the first to tell you.
You are one of God’s kids…and He is especially fond of you!

Fleece Navidad!

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