Framing the Infinite

He measures us and makes his divinity fit our souls, and our souls are able to take the measure of him because he created us in his image and made us worthy.                      The Cloud of Unknowing: A New Translation

The writer’s words continue to float through my thoughts. I can hardly grasp the beauty of it. God measuring me. God fitting Himself according to my soul dimensions. The infinite becoming finite.

What does this look like?

Later I work to fit pictures into frames, part of the business I’ve been doing for some time now. I cut glass, mat, and backing to exact dimensions. When the items are extra large or odd shaped framing can be a challenge, a wrestling match of sorts. I often remind myself to remember the frame is not the focus. It’s job is to draw attention to what’s inside the frame.


I don’t question the Holy’s ability to scale down or limit Divinity to fit my frame.

No, I’m taken aback by the mere thought He does. What kind of God does this? What other god in all the world tells this story?

I desire expansion because I will never be big enough to contain the Sacred, but I want to be. And I want it now, today, without delay.  I’m looking for a dynamite expansion where all that is in the way is blown to smithereens.

Experience tells me expansion is not a process of explosion, but a gradual increase. More like little Russian nesting dolls all snug inside each other.


Little by little, day by day, my soul unfolds just enough to take the measure of Him. Truth is I’ll never be enough on my own. I’ll never be good enough, or spiritual enough. No list of checked off rules will ever suffice to enlarge my heart. It’s beyond my control, and this is hard. Because I like control. I long for a finite list of do’s and don’t to tell me I’m all right, achieving righteousness.

When will I learn this is the story of other gods. This is the story that makes the frame the focus instead what is being framed. I wad my spiritual list up and toss it away.

We are made to frame Him. Created to reveal His image to the world.

Desire to expand, to frame more of Him is all it takes to be… enough.

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