Most years I gather twigs from the yard and place them in a vase with scattered paper leaves for writing things I’m thankful for. This is the season I practice thanksgiving but it is more than just a season, it’s a discpline. A few years ago I discovered intentionally practicing thanksgiving during this time is just the exercise I need to grow in gratitude. I told a friend recently it is kind of like lifting weights to strengthen your bicep. Thanks giving strengthens a heart of gratitude.

The past few months I’ve been quietly creating with the help of others a few things to encourage you (and me) to grow in faith. Through the process of redesigning the blog, graduating from spiritual direction training, and learning a new design technique, God reminded me I am made to encourage. God’s taken what I thought were separate pieces and connected the dots so to speak.

With a humble and joy filled heart I invite you to explore the links below where you’ll find encouragment to be thank-full in this season.

The thank-full tin is filled with thirty hand-lettered cards to inspire thanksgiving. Click on the picture to go to the on-line store or visit our shop, Picture This for purchase.
I love a great t-shirt. Most days when I sift through the closet I choose something to encourage me throughout the day. And so this encouraging enough design made its way to my closet. And now it is available to you too.

And that’s not all. These items inspired a way for you to go deeper in gratitude through a free on-line course at Carol and I are trying our hand at offering our teachings through this new platform. Hop on over to the Sister Talk page and explore the sistertalkfaith thank-full course.

Whew! I’m a bit humbled as I finish up this post. Because Encouraging Enough Designs felt a lot like birthing something new. There were times I doubted it would all get done. I certainly didn’t expect the coming together of so many moving parts. But here it is (and there’s more to come).

Enter his gates with thanksgiving,
    and his courts with praise!
    Give thanks to him; bless his name
!–Psalm 100:4

Oh I almost forgot! Follow Encouraging Enough (click on the link) on facebook to get a daily dose of thank-full encouragment.

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