What fog is teaching me

It’s been three months and the Twilight Zone theme song still rings in my ears. I’m still not sure how one minute your morning alarm sounds weird to standing in your yard watching as friends and family comb through the ashes of what’s left of your home.

Most days I do life like before the fire. I go to work, to church, to exercise. I handle business at the bank and stop for a cold brew down the block. Once in a while I post on social media when I’m needing a bit of extra self encouragement. Not long ago a friend called my posts inspiring, and I replied, “Oh you don’t see the other side.”

Because there is another side to tragedy and heartbreak. One that leaves you reeling in the dark of night yearning for a little light. You pray for the sun to rise quickly and take all this darkness away in hopes you’ll be able to see which way to go.

Just when you think you know what steps to take, you find grief’s foggy shadow lingering over the land.

So you wait and you wonder. You cry and you laugh. Some days you feel angry and others it’s a fight to get out of bed. But you do, because maybe just maybe if you sit on the porch long enough the fog will lift.

It may sound completely crazy but there is something beautiful about the fog. Could it be there is something beautiful about the grief journey too? I’m not quite sure, but I see others farther along on their journey, and they give me hope.

I watch sun’s rays warm the earth and eventually the fog disappears. Maybe grief will do the same. Maybe once its work is done in me, grief wil drift away like the morning fog.

I’m wise enough to know it won’t be gone forever. Jesus meant it when he said, “In this world you will have trouble, but take heart, because I have overcome the world.”

Trouble is a part of life and I take heart the only way I know how. Because in the midst of sorrow, no matter how foggy it gets, His words echo through the valley, “I have overcome the world.”

One thought on “What fog is teaching me

  1. What absolutely beautiful photos Stacy, so peaceful. I am so sorry you are going through such a tragedy. I can’t imagine what that would be like. Prayers for peace, calm, rest and trust in God’s promises🙏🤗


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